Sunday, May 8, 2011

This isn't like me

So I'd say last night was the first time in a loooooooong while that I consciously ate like I used to. After Taco Bell my total, even with the 700+ calories I burned at the gym, was over 1200. Combined with Friday's horrible eating I'm not surprised that I weigh something like 128 lbs, although I dare not weigh myself today. I'm taking a break from tanning and working out today to focus on finishing my essay that's due at 8 am tomorrow. And I think I'll start a liquid fast and see how that goes. I've never done one because I've always thought it was silly to drink your calories when good old fashioned water will do the trick, but right now I'm up for anything. I got down to 123.5 lbs Friday afternoon. By this Friday I want to be at least 122. Let the fasting begin.

Hm, another thin and tan picture. 
I think I'm starting to get obsessed.

Oh and if anyone has any advice whatsoever regarding liquid fasts (what juices/drinks are better than others, which to avoid) please comment! I've never done this so any advice is welcome. =)

♥ Toni


  1. Liquid fasts- try to avoid bottled juices (anything from concentrate or with added sugar), go fresh & include lots of veggies and herbs- ginger is great & lemon! Don't drink too much either, don't give up the water! When I fast it usually goes water, herbal tea, water, juice, water, tea, water, juice etc. I like liquid fasts, you feel empty but have enough energy to live life and your total intake is usually lower.
    & the pic on my blog, I got it from a fitspo blog that I found but I can't remember it! it was a while ago but I'm sure if you had a flick through a fitspo google search it would pop up. Sorry!

  2. Try to water down your liquids and avoid opaque ones like milkshakes, orange juice, smoothies, etc. :)

  3. Good luck with your fast!
    Be careful with any bottled juices, they contain lots of sugar. If you can then make juices by yourself so that you know there's no sugar. But make sure you drink mostly water or tea because juices can make you feel hungry.

    Stay strong!

  4. Ah yes, good 'ol liquid fasting! Now that I've gotten back into the routine of fasting, I'm going to be doing it much much more becase I love the results it gives you! I hope your liquid fast goes well!!

    I usually just do different flavors of Powerade Zero (0 cals and it has electrolytes), tea, and coffee. Sometimes hot cocoa made with fat-free almond milk is great. Broth is good and is only 10 cals per cube and it makes a whole bowl of soup! Anything warm will help make you feel full. Also, if you get really sluggish, dizzy, and crappy feeling, it's your body getting rid of all the toxins and it could also be your blood sugar dropping. At this point, it's good to get some juice like OJ or apple juice to help level out your blood sugar. Just remember, stay hydrated!