Sunday, May 8, 2011

Easing into liquid fasting...

First day at attempted liquid fasting=kind of bad. Ok, pretty bad. I started out the day with a cheat. I had 4 oz of vegan chili (40 cal), green tea (0 cal), 6 oz of hot chocolate (115 cal), and 3/4 of an old fashioned glazed doughnut (225 cal). Not...terrible. Mostly liquid. Then I got back to my room and had some spiced cider (80 cal) and 4 packs of seaweed (15 cal). Then I had a mini box of Reese's Puffs cereal sans milk (120 cal), redvines (140 cal), and chips (150 cal). Yeah, so much for liquid. At least I've been peeing all day. I'll try better tomorrow, and I'll actually have exercise tomorrow, but for today my total came to 885 calories. At least it was under 1000, unlike the rest of my weekend.

Thank you to the girls who gave me tips on this diet excursion. I can't really juice my own stuff (I live in a dorm without a kitchen), but if I do drink juice I'll try to buy some organic pulpy stuff. I'll probably stick to mostly water, tea, and hot chocolate (haha, need the sugar). Maybe some Gatorade or V8 juice. No soda, no concentrate crap. Maybe if I'm feeling up to it a real piece of fruit

Oh and I'm up to 44 followers. =)
I'm always surprised to see that number go up. Thank you ladies for making me feel like I'm not completely boring.


  1. im sorry the liquid fasting didnt happen. but congrats on under 1000! <3

  2. under 1000 is still good! just work to make tomorrow a better day :) ♥

  3. Less than 1000 is good! Don't worry, the first day is always the most difficult. Maybe you shouldn't drink only liquids right away but start with eating yogurts and soups and then the next day it will be easier to start a liquid fast.

  4. Fruit can be sooo good. Congrats on the followers!

    / Avy