Saturday, May 14, 2011

I feel like a blimp.

I definitely ate a crapload for dinner with Aaron at 5 pm. 3 pieces of naan, more peach pie, and soup. Then I had second dinner! Pizza and soda, reeeeeeeeeal healthy. If that scale tomorrow shows 125 lbs I won't be surprised in the least. Why does this happen every weekend?!?! Well, not tomorrow, or the next day, or any day until Saturday, and even after that I need to stop allowing myself to feel like I've fucked up so much it doesn't matter.

I just calculated my resting RMR. It's 1,250, meaning that if I somehow don't gain permanent lbs from this lil' mini binge I'll have to stick to a strict calorie restriction of 400 calories and burn off 650 calories a day. That along with the deficit of 1,250 means I'll burn off 10,500 calories by the end of next Friday, which is exactly 3 lbs, which will bring me to my goal of 120 lbs. This should be fun...

Must. Have. Perfect. Body.

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