Saturday, May 7, 2011


Alright I'm officially disgusted with myself. I ate helllllllllllllllllllla. Like, really, a lot.
So for dinner we all went to an Italian restaurant. It was a really good one too, the kind that keeps giving you bread when you don't ask for it. So guess who had 4, with butter (275 cal)? That's right, me. At least I also got a side salad with red wine vinaigrette (80 cal). My entree was a salami and mozzarella sandwich on a french roll (520 cal). So all in all it wasn't terrible. With the 525 calories I burned I was down to 350 total. But wait! There's more. We wen to Coldstone afterward...big mistake. I got a Cheesecake Fantasy in the love it a waffle cone. It was, drum roll please, 660 calories total. Six hundred and sixty calories. For ice cream. Not even real food. So my grand total for the night was 1010 calories. No surprise that I was a whopping 127 lbs on the scale today after the gym. With all the damn food and smoothie in my stomach I'm sure I won't even be able to get rid of it by tomorrow.

Speaking of, Christy: I try to hop on the elliptical when I go to the gym, and on those I burn anywhere from 10.5-12 calories a minute, so that's how I burn so many in so little time. Like today I burned 710 calories in a 65 minute time span.

So far today my net intake is only 140. Brunch was pretty gruesome. I had some beef and barley soup (115 cal), veggies with ranch (55 cal), 12 oz of reduced fat chocolate milk (155 cal), and an apple danish (175 cal). Then a little bit later I had a mango smoothie (350 cal). It's an 850 total, but my exercise brings it down to 140. Aaron wants to go to Taco Bell for dinner. I don't know...they have some relatively low-cal options, so it's a possibility.

I'll try to update later, but you know me, I kind of procrastinate on that...oops.

To be tan and thin...I only wish.

Sorry for the depressing post.
♥ Toni

P.S.-Aaron's been sitting next to me this whole time. He'd like me to tell you all "hi." :)

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