Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fat Day

I'm sorry I didn't post. I was up until 3 am working on my game design project. Maybe I'll post it once it's done, but it's giving me so much trouble right now.

So yeah, I don't like fat days. I'm having one right now because of how much I ate last night and even from the small amount I ate this morning.
Yesterday for breakfast I had 30 blueberries (25 cal), 2 slices of pineapple (30 cal), 1/2 of a peach (45 cal), and coffee with 2% milk (10 cal) before my 8 am class. By the time I got out of the section at 10:30 I was starving, so I grabbed half of a bagel with butter (90 cal), a slice of ham (45 cal), half of a kiwi (20 cal), and 1/2 of a small orange (25 cal). All was fine and dandy after that. I went to dance class (-300 cal) and the gym (-515 cal) and weighed myself. 121.0 lbs. It was an ok day. Then I had dinner. 20 tortilla chips with nacho toppings (225 cal), a small slice of hawaiian pizza (115 cal), and 3 sugar cookies (240 cal). Then I was munching on seaweed all night while programming my game (40 cal). So my total for the day was 910 calories, and my net intake was 95 calories. Not terrible, but I know that was only because of all the exercise I got in.

Oh and with only 2 weeks left of school I lost my ID. Just great. Now I have to buy a new one. $20. For a piece of plastic. I'm going to try to convince the student housing building to charge me the replacement ID fee instead of the new ID fee. That would cost me only $5. Much better.

There's not much else to talk about. The day is still young. I'll post today's stats later. For now I'll leave you with two blogs I recently started following. There's ullalexie's Emerging From a Cocoon of Fat and Violet's Ethereal Dream. Go show them some love! Or at least browse a few of their posts.

Ok, I'll be back. I hope you all have a great day (or at least a skinnier one than mine).

♥ Toni
P.S.-49 followers! Gah so close to 50! You guys are awesome. =)
P.P.S.-I took a new picture of my thigh gap. It's like twice as big now! It's on my "Progress in Photos" tab.

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  1. If I could be your 50th follower, I would! Alas, I think I was like your 15th hah. Hey I'm in your town tomorrow night and Saturday-maybe we'll magically bump into each other! much love and skinnies