Friday, May 27, 2011

My fat day was just a maintain day.

Just watched the season 2 finale of Glee. I don't want to give anything away just in case any of you are fans of the show and haven't seen the episode, but it was satisfying. Not as great as season one's finale. Loose ends were more or less tied up, with new story arcs being created for next season. I can't wait for season 3!

As for food today was alright, I didn't get to go to my regular jazz class because there was a dance show in the studio where class is held, so I went to that instead. It was amazing. It totally made me want to perform. I can't wait until I can. Ok yeah but anyway I didn't have those extra 350 calories burned, so all my exercise came from hopping on the elliptical this afternoon. I burned 770 calories.

Breakfast was relatively light. 30 blueberries (25 cal), a slice of cantaloupe (15 cal), 5 grapes (15 cal), half of a peach (45 cal), and an orange cranberry muffin (100 cal). Dinner was the killer tonight, but let me tell you it was sooooooo worth it. Tonight was the dining hall "ice creamery", meaning instead of machine frozen yogurt which sucks most of the time, the dining hall does it Coldstone style with real ice cream and mix in toppings. I waited a good 15 minutes in line for a scoop of chocolate and vanilla ice cream (260 cal) with walnuts (45 cal), and strawberries (55 cal). And actual dinner was better than usual. I had 5 oz of homestyle macaroni and cheese (130 cal), and 2.5 oz of bbq beef brisket (170 cal). While watching Glee I helped myself to two servings of miso soup (70 cal) and seaweed (15 cal). So my total intake today is 945 calories, and my net intake is 175 calories. I maintained my weight of 121 lbs when I got on the scale, so tomorrow I'm not letting one edible thing touch my lips until after my workout at 11 am. I need to start cutting back on the food. That -600 calorie day was awesome and I want another one soon.

Working towards that flat stomach...

♥ Toni
P.S.-Olivia: Oh wow yeah maybe we'll actually run into each other, although I'll be on campus all day hanging around Porter. I'm super short and my best friend has fire engine red hair if that's any clue as to who I am. ;)