Thursday, May 5, 2011

Good Day, Bad Night

Sorry I didn't post last night. Aaron was over and I also had a project to finish, so between all that and wanting to get enough sleep I couldn't post.

Yesterday I wanted to wait until after dance to eat anything. Yeah, right. I ate probably 3 hours before I weighed in and had 4 chicken nuggets, french fries, and some veggies. Ummmm, can you say unhealthy? But despite that I weighed in at 123.5 lbs. What?! Really? I couldn't believe it. I still can't really believe it. But you wouldn't believe how much sweat I was soaked in afterwards. That dance studio is hot. So I went for a nice swim with Aaron and some friends. I felt accomplished. So I ate. A lot. Pizza, cereal, orange chicken, 3/4 of a burger. Ugggggggggggh. I didn;t even bother figuring out how many calories it all was because I'm positive it was over 1000 total. Great, it'll take a miracle for me not to gain today.

In an attempt to eat as little as possible but still not feel overly hungry I've only had a lemon poppyseed muffin and a cup of orange juice so far. Carbs and fruit juice: I think it's a good combo.

I'm sorry but this post will have to be short for now. I'm currently juggling trying to pay attention in class, Aaron being extremely annoying, writing postcards to send to my relatives for various birthdays/Mother's Day, and writing this. Can I just get a day where I don't have to do anything??? That's not a huge request, right? At least I have a cancelled class tomorrow, but I also have a midterm. Awesome.

Ok, I'll update later. Thank you for all the great comments on Tuesday's post. You girls are lovely. =)


  1. It's okay you binged, you just gotta pick yourself back up and try again! And the best part is, swimming and dance probably burned most of that off! I hate it when I'm really bust too but you can't take it our on food, binging won't help<3 Good luck on midterms!

  2. You burned many calories before you binged, so you probably won't gain weight. Just be careful not to binge a few days in a row.