Monday, May 9, 2011

Getting easier

I don't know why this is a separate post rather than an addition to my last post, but whatever. That post was mainly concerned with fashion faux pas anyway, which I'm happily surprised to find that a lot of you agreed with. I was sure that post would ruffle some feathers, but I guess we're pant-wearing ladies.

Savanna- I didn't even notice that guy! Haha too funny.

A.beautiful.mess- Red? Really? At least go for a classy black or nude, but red? Some girls, I swear...

Ok, this is just a record of the food I had today. I already posted my breakfast which ended in 215 calories. I didn't have much of a lunch, just 6 oz of tortilla soup (with some tortilla strips; 190 cal), and a cheat: a small piece of carrot cake (100 cal) and a few steak fries (115 cal). But I burned most of it off with dance (-300 cal) and 25 minutes on the elliptical (-305 cal). Then another quick bowl of tortilla soup (sans the tortilla strips; 160 cal) and some beef broth (plus 75% of my daily sodium, yuck; 20 cal), and my intake for the day is 800 calories, and my net intake is 195 calories. Yay.

I'm still trying to get a hold of not eating solid food, but considering the only non-raw, solid food I had today was the carrot cake and fries I think I'm doing ok. I may just change this to a liquid, soft, and raw food diet and then wean myself into ditching the raw food for a few days. I weighed in at 126 today (granted I had just eaten 3 hours ago) and want this extra weight off. 122 by the end of the week: that's my goal. Tomorrow I'm waking up at 8 and getting in a super early workout. Goal: burn at least 350 calories. Plus I know that because it's the morning I'll weigh less. And besides the 20 calories of beef broth in my tummy I'm going to bed hungry.

I can feel it, tomorrow is going to be a good day.

Woooooow, did I really just post thinspo 
of a girl wearing jeggings and a crop top? 
She's thin, it's mildly ok.

'night all,
♥ Toni

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  1. Congrats on the net 195! That's awesome! I love those days when I can eat a bunch and I know I've still got my low total!
    Yeah, it's much easier to ween yourself into a diet I find instead of suddenly starting it. It kind of freaks your body out lol.
    Good luck tomorrow! xx