Monday, May 9, 2011

Shirts are NOT dresses, and leggings are NOT pants.

Ok I wasn't going to post so early but there are a few things I don't want to wait to talk about.

First, Ariana: I totally forgot about broth! A few months ago I bought a few cans and I still haven't eaten (drank?) them. I will definitely use those up and probably buy some bullion cubes. They take up way less space.

Second: Is there some sort of correlation between getting up early and sweating like you're in 102 degree weather? Because if there is I have it. I'm sorry, I know it's gross, but I feel like there's an ocean under my armpits right now, and this hasn't happened to me all year. In high school I used to sweat really badly, but since college started I've noticed a sharp decline in my perspiration, and I think it's because I wake up later. Today I woke up at 7:20, still later than high school (5:55, ugh how did I do that?) but I definitely think it has something to do with this yuckiness, and I am none too happy about it.

Third: I'm definitely taking in people's advice on this liquid fast thing and starting out very slow. For breakfast I had a 12 oz coffee with a tbsp of creamer (30 cal), 4 oz of strawberry yogurt (115 cal), and 1/4 cup of blueberries (25 cal). Then I had a second breakfast, but that was just another 8 ox of coffee with creamer (10 cal) and a clementine (35 cal). So my total is only up to 215 calories and I feel very content. I'm incorporating semi-solid foods and fruits. No breads, no meat, no sweets.

Fourth: This is totally unrelated, but I guess it could count as thinspo. This picture comes from a Facebook album of a friend of a friend. She's second to the right in light blue. Her and the girl in the LBD have very nice, thin legs. Legs that I'm jealous of, but...

I am sorry but whoever the fuck says that piece of light blue cloth is a dress is off their fucking rocker. That is not a dress. That's barely even a tunic. I can't believe she kept her ass from showing the entire night (she's not wearing spanks underneath). What the fuck is the world coming to when that is considered a dress? If you notice the hem considerably higher than all the others, which are dresses, not a shirt parading around as a dress. I'm sorry, I just get a little OCD about girls and the things they call "clothes".

For instance:

 (leggings as pants)

Is only ok when you do this
(wear a tunic/dress/skirt or shorts over them)

Or when you're doing this
(working out)

Otherwise you look like this
(camel toe out for everyone to see)
 Or this
(ass out for everyone to see)

The absolute worst is when I see girls around my campus wearing leggings as pants and a crop top. It's! Leggings aren't a substitute for pants. Pants are a substitute for pants. How hard is is to put on a nice pair of skinny jeans, or at the very least jeggings, than it is to parade around showing me your ass (and if you bend over most likely your thong too) because you couldn't put pants on? I mean, right? Does anyone else feel this way? I just hate it. I only wear leggings when I'm going to the gym. That's the only time. None of this cropped tee and sandals crap. Ugggggggggggggh! I'm sorry, it's just one of my biggest pet peeves.

Ok I feel like my exasperated rant over clothes and such has gone on long enough. I'll post back later concerning food and exercise and all that good stuff.

Stay lovely,
♥ Toni


  1. I totally agree, It's just disgusting seeing people in semi see through leggings, it's just... urghghhh.
    Your intake is really good, keep it up xx

  2. Hahah I thought I was the only one who felt that way! Leggings do NOT equal pants

    It sounds like youre having a good day. keep up the hard work!

  3. I agree. Leggins are not pants! They look gross when not covered with a tunic or a long shirt. Why do so many people wear them instead of pants? That's just gross.

    You did well with food, keep it up!

  4. haha no wounder the man in the background is smiling if she isnt wearing spanks xx you are going really well

  5. How did that girl keep her va-jay-jay from showing all night?! O.o

    I totally here you on the clothes thing! I went to the store and saw this one piece and thought, "Ooh, what a lovely shirt!" And come to find out it was in the dresses section! I wear it as a longer shirt with my black pants and it barely comes over my bum! I only wear leggings when I exercise, and those are worn underneath my jogging shorts (because I really, really despise my legs). But I agree, leggings should not be worn as pants!

  6. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Leggings are not meant for anything but the gym! I only wear mine to the gym, and I usually wear lulus so it's only if they're in the wash. Ugh, I know this one girl that wears them EVERYDAY to school and she's not even allowed. Like, seriously.

    At least you tried your best with the liquid fast! I find it helps if I put all my water bottles and juice boxes out the day before so when I get up I just head straight for them instead of food! Good luck!

  7. That dress is not a dress at all, I mean seriously how did she party the night away if her ass was hanging out.

    And the funniest thing is that I recently saw a girl with leggings which you could see through and she was wearing the brightest red underwear.

    have these girls got no shame??