Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hold on SGD

I just can't do it, at least not for these ten days. I'm surrounded by food, so much food. I'm for sure going out to dinner and the movies and the mall with Aaron and my friends later in the week and I just can't handle trying to get down to something like 300 or 450 calories a day. It's not really even the food, it's the fact that I can't exercise. I'm not about to pay $40 at my old gym to use it for a week, it's rainy as hell so I can't go outside and run, and I'd have to leg lift and crunch and lunge all day to account for all the stuff I've shoved into my mouth. The only realistic solution I see is to restrict as much as I can but not expect myself to eat as little as I have been and then go back to the remainder of my SGD when I get back to university. Until then my only goal is to stay under 129 lbs (good thing I weighed 128.5 with clothes on today). I'll be doing some small exercises here and there, but who knows? Maybe my metabolism will thank me for this and I can lose the few pounds I'm sure I'll be putting off all the faster.

Ok, that's pretty much it. I went out today and felt less depressed and inactive, so I'll hopefully be in a better mood for you all tomorrow.

♥ Toni


  1. Dude thats fine. You've realized that for the next few days, if you try to severely restrict, you could end up severely binging. It's okay, I think it's good you were able to tell yourself that! Sending you skinnies darling

  2. i think you're being crazy intelligent. cheers for being level-headed. also, my two favorite indoor exercises to do at home are jumping jacks&hula hooping. yes, they make me feel like a goof but they burn calories. stay strong, darling. you're fantastic.