Saturday, March 26, 2011

Diet, Diet, Diet

A big thank you for the girls who left comments on my last post (you lovelies know who you are). They really made me hopeful about the rest of the weight I want to lose and gave me a big smile. You guys are amazing. =)

So last night was yet another sleepless night just like this one, except this time instead of two hours I got no hours. I went to bed at 1:30 am and time flew by, so instead of getting 6 1/2 hours of sleep and waking up at 8 I'm now running on cup #1 of coffee which I'm sure will be followed by a few more. Since the last time this happened was less than two weeks ago I'm looking into over the counter sleeping pills. So far I've browsed CVS and found a bunch of pain relief/sleep inducing combos, but I already have an ibuprofen. Do any of you use sleep pills and/or could give me an idea of what to get? I'm considering Puralin because I saw a couple good reviews for it. I also noticed a lot of the brands had Melatonin in them, which I guess helps with sleep and weight loss? Hm...interesting, plus it's cheaper than most other diet pills, although I'm looking into Weider caffeine pills as well.

Speaking of diets and the like, I just entered Sunshinechild's Super Slim Down Competition (thank you for the tip Renee, you should do it with me!). I think what really motivated me these past few months was the CruzFit challenge I entered with my friends at college, so I think a bit of healthy competition would push me enough to start me back on the right track. Plus the girls who have entered so far are already really little with BMIs from 18-20. My BMI is about 25, and it's a common fact that the bigger you are the faster you lose weight. I'm in the high 120s and still have a bit of a jiggle to me, so I think I have a pretty good shot at doing really well, but I'm doing it first and foremost for the weight loss.

And another thing related to dad made another comment last night that just kind of blew me away. I was holding my cat who has a history of eating problems. She regularly eats a whole bunch of dry food then drinks a ton of water, causing her to throw up. While holding her I could feel all of her vertebrae, so I said "Kitty you're so skinny; you're teaching me bad habits by puking up all of your food," to which my dad replied "Is that what you do?" I got all red and of course replied no because I don't. It's not that I find purging overtly disgusting (I've had so many days where I just wanted to purge to make the fullness go away), but I really cannot purge. I've purposely purged only once so I know I can get it all up if I want, but I take birth control pills and I can't risk puking one up and having it screw everything up and getting me preggers. I don't know what's wrong with my dad. I've been eating pretty well since I got back. I lose 15 lbs in 2 months, mostly due to many many hours at the gym, and he automatically thinks I'm starving myself. Hell, at college I eat about 25% of what I eat here and no one has caught on yet. They just say congrats on eating healthier and sticking to the gym and losing so much weight. I guess it's just him caring, but I don't know what he's going to do when I come back in June because I know I'll have lost more weight by then.

Wow, super long post. Sorry about that, I've just had so much going on in the past 12 hours. I'll probably be back later to rehash how my outing and family dinner go. I hope all you lovelies have a great day. =)

♥ Toni


  1. lol lesson of the day, don't talk to your cat!
    if you loose a lot of weight in a short amount of time,poeple always think you have an eating disorder! and well, that's kind of true, most of the time.
    my friends and classmates start to notice I'm losing a lot of weight. My excuse is that I don't have a lot of money and can't buy food. And it works! I don't hide how much I lost, and I complain about it, an then I said something like 'i'm an anorexic against my will' everybody laugh and my secret is safe!
    to my mom, I always say, everytime she calls me, that I run every morning, do a lot of exercices... even if it's not the truth.
    And my last excuse is 'i'am vegan'

    i'm going to stop my boring comment right now lol

    I hope you eat 'well' at your family dinner!;)

  2. The cat sounds adorable. Yeah, it's nice when you aren't around family, so there's nobody to worry about how much you don't eat. Keep strong, sending you skinnies!

  3. Your cat sounds so cute. Mine used to just eat so fast that he'd throw up. But he's stopped and is being more healthy. Wishing you luck on your goals!