Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Finals Week is Right Around the Corner

So for some reason I'm super excited about finals week. I'm done with one of my classes so all I have to worry about now is finishing up my essay (which I will totally get straight to work on after this post), studying for my film final, doing my philosophy homework, and taking my philosophy final (not much of a need to study because I could get a C on it and still pass the class with an A). Plus I have some articles to read and movies to watch, but the weekend has a whole 48 hours in it. After next week there's spring break and I get to go home and see my family, and then Spring Quarter!

Olivia: No I don't go to a music school. I once wanted to apply to Juilliard until I found out I wanted to make films for the rest of my life, not music. I go to a UC, which is a California University. There's something like 9 or 10 different ones like UC Irvine or UC Berkeley or UC San Diego.

Food was right on track today. I skipped breakfast and had lunch around noon. I had a medium salad with minimal ranch dressing (95 cal), 1/2 of a bagel with butter (90 cal), and a couple spoonfuls of coconut/chocolate frozen yogurt (30 cal) for a total of 215 calories. For dinner I had 6 oz. of tomato, potato, and basil soup (120 cal) and 3/4 of a small fish patty (for slider sandwiches; 55 cal) for a total of 175 calories and a grand total of 390 calories for the day, 10 under my goal. =)

I'm really excited to see how I progress through the SGD. I literally cannot wait to hit the 127.5 lb mark. It's the maximum weight for my height (5'0") to be in the "normal" BMI range of 18.5-24.9, and at that weight I'm right at 24.9. I can't remember the last time I was in the 120's, probably sometime in my sophomore year of high school. What's crazy is that even though I weighed so much less when I was a freshman (I was at my lowest = 118 lbs), I feel like I look thinner now (or maybe just more proportional, although still chunky). Aaron agrees with me. It might be the muscle I have now from the years in dance or just weight distribution. I don't even know, but I'm a little anxious to see what I'm going to look like once I hit that weight again.

Haha sorry for the little weight ramble, I'm just a tad over ecited for the months to come.

♥ Toni

P.S.-I'll be sure to put up more thinspo soon!

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  1. So many of you girls have exams this week! Good luck to you :)

    I agree with you & A I bet your weight is a direct result of the amount of muscle you have on your frame from years of training. I'm in the same boat, I've worked out/done sports for most of my life and I am smaller than other friends who are the same weight and do nothing. it's all about body composition...

    ~ H