Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rainy Little Weekend

I thought about waiting until tomorrow to write another post - homework and such that needs to be done - but I've been in a procrastinating mood for the past four hours or so and thought I'd ramble about my day. =)

First off it's been raining all day. Bummer...I had to walk to the library to get some books for my essay on Invasion of the Body Snatchers and it was not fun. Other than that I've been in the dorm building all day (save for meal times) doing laundry, taking a shower, reading, pretty much anything that's not writing my essay, although I did open one of the books I checked out to gather source material. Such an exciting day right?

Food intake wasn't bad for not going to the gym. I had half a bagel with butter (100 cal), 5 small slices of cantaloupe (45 cal), and a serving of cinnamon toasters cereal with 2% milk (190 cal) for breakfast. Total: 335 calories. Lunch was skipped and by dinner my stomach was growling pretty loudly, but the food sucked. I ended up with two small cooked potatoes, you know, those pink-ish kind (105 cal), 12 snow peas sauteed in some sweet/spicy sauce (50 cal), 1/4 of a cup of egg salad (75 cal), 1/4 of a cup of tuna salad (60 cal), a few pieces of celery that amounted to maybe 3 calories tops, and half a slice of french bread (35 cal). Dinner total: 325 calories. Grand total: 660 calories. Not...bad. I wish I could have gone to the gym though and gotten it down to something like 150. Oh well, I'll have to wait until Tuesday.

Ok I know I've been lacking in thinspo, so here's my latest bundle:

In one of my recent posts I was talking about how I loved chunky sweater thinspo and how I was going to buy one once I reach my goal weight, so I'm posting these for motivation. =)

♥ Toni

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  1. Love the thinspo, lets and sweaters yum. Bummer about the essay, but Invasion of the Body Snatchers is so fun! Have you seen the first or most recent versions? One had Nicole Kidman. Sending you skinnies darling, the intake looks pretty good, I wouldn't worry about it!