Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One or the Other

Seems to me like I've finally gotten a bit more depressed than Aaron. Funny, he seems happier. It's like we can't both be happy at the same time. Well at least we're not both really depressed at the same time which is good I guess. At school he's stressed and rushed and busy all the time and all I want is to see him and at least I have something to do and I'm not bored. Here he's happy to be back and grateful for the break and I'm stuck in my house and it's rainy and cold and all I think about is high school and the fact that the novelty of seeing my family wears off in about 30 minutes. And I've gained weight. At least I'm sure I didn't go over 1,200 today. Cereal, bread, ice cream, soup. That's about it.
I feel so claustrophobic here. Summer will be better; it'll be sunny and everyone will be home for summer break and I'll be working and doing something. At least back at school I'm under a lot of pressure but I'm moving, not thinking so much about food and dropping weight fast(ish). My mascot is a slug...and that's exactly how I feel here.

Rant over. Thanks to the lovely ladies who dropped their comments and wished me a happy anniversary. =)
I was looking at Outback's menu for the dinner and was surprised to find that the calorie count wasn't as high as I thought it'd be. I think I can make it on liquids that day until then. I'm very excited for the Bloomin' Onion. One of my faves.

♥ Toni

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  1. I know dude, this rain sucks. Wait, are you in high school or in the other slug school that happens to be the one I got into the other day?! Ahh. Okay I'm working on that dessert recipe too, I may not finish today though-super busy. I'll have it by thurs, is that ok? Sending you skinnies and love