Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back in Action

Ooooooooook. I'm sorry for the gap in between posts. Since my last post I've been feeling a lot better and I'm ready to attack my weight like no other. Yesterday I finally went to the gym after a week of inactivity - and I paid for it. I gained 3 lbs! When I got on the scale I saw 134.5. Uggggh well you know that kicked my ass. I did burn a good 750 though. I've still been logging all my food but haven't been counting it, but I think I've had 1,200-2,000 a day since Thursday. Yuck.

This weekend I went to the university library and got a few books that I've been recommended. In fact I've been seeing a lot of girls on their blogs talking about them: Wasted, A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia by Marya Hornbacher and Going Hungry, which is a compilation of writer's stories about their eating disorders. So I'm pumped. Now all I need to do is finish all of my work for school so I can read them.

Alright now it's time to see how bad the damage was today. For lunch I had oreo fro-yo (120 cal), 1 wheat roll (100 cal), 1 small salad with 1 tbsp ranch dressing (80 cal), and 5 pieces of california roll sushi (200 cal) for a lunch total of 500 calories. For lunch I had 2 oz of spaghetti (130 cal) and 3 oz of rootbeer (40 cal) and a snack of 11 goldfish (30 cal) and one samoa (70 cal) for a dinner total of 270 calories and a grand total of 770 calories. Not terrible, but I wish I did better. Depending on how much work I get done today I may go to the gym tomorrow for a quick workout. That'll be nice, and maybe I'll even be able to redeem myself for the weigh in yesterday.

Today's post will have to be cut short. I really want to start Wasted and I can only do that if all of my homework is done! Have a lovely night my skinny minis. =)

♥ Toni

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  1. 770 was my total last night! Whee, twinsies. Tell me how the book goes, I'm looking for one to pick up. Sending you skinnies darling, think about doing the liquid fast with me, it'll cleanse everything!