Thursday, March 31, 2011

Having a Better Day

Thank you for dealing with my little meltdown last night.
Christy: Thanks for always looking on the bright side, and yes my day is going better today.
Alice: I've managed to keep up the fast until now and plan to keep going until tomorrow morning. I hope you're doing just as well with it!

I was in such a low state of mind last night that I completely neglected my new follower. Welcome! I'm just sorry your first new post with me was such a downtrodden one. Sorry about that, I'm usually a lot cheerier.

I'm actually surprised at myself today: not only have I had minimal trouble avoiding food despite the gurgles in my tummy from time to time, but something rather odd happened about an hour ago. I went with some friends to the dining hall after class and all I had was a cup of green tea. It filled me up just fine and when I went back up to the dorms and another group of friends asked if I wanted to eat I replied "No thanks I just ate"...and I believed it. It wasn't until a few seconds later that I realized that I actually hadn't eaten and had just lied. Is this a good thing? Maybe, I don't know what to make of it yet.

Well I found out when cheer tryouts are. I have until May 21 to get down to 118. That's my goal. As far as I know we're just being taught a dance, a cheer, and jumps. For some reason I thought it was going to be harder than that. I've had a lot of experience trying out for routines when I was on dance/drill with little time to learn the moves so I think I'll do ok? Crossing my fingers.

Well this is probably going to be my only post for today. I don't think anything very exciting is going to happen between now and tonight. I am going to be creating a new tab with my measurements on it, but that's about it.

Wishing you all well in your endeavors,
♥ Toni

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