Friday, March 11, 2011

Regular Day

Finally the weekend. My gym time was much needed, my intake was good, I have most of my living situation figured out for next year, so it was a good day. My weigh-in today was at 131. I was hoping for 130 but this was good for how much food and water was in my system at the time. Only 2 lbs until my next goal and 3.3 lbs until I get back into the "normal" weight range for my height (127.7 lbs).

Emma and Olivia: I'm sorry, I don't know the recipe for the chili. =(
It's labeled "Stockpot Vegan Chili" in the dining halls at my university so I think they just make a whole bunch and store it in the freezer to keep on hand. The nutrition info is provided though so next time I see it I'll see if they have the ingredients listed, promise. It's mostly stuff like beans, broccoli and cauliflower, some sort of mild pepper, carrots, and other veggies. I only had 5 oz. which is why the calorie count was only 55. 8 oz. is somewhere around 90.

Today I did well food-wise. Breakfast was a bagel crisp with a swiss cheese triangle (55 cal) and a gogurt (70 cal) for a total of 125 calories. Lunch was 1/4 of a cup of shepherd's pie (100 cal), 1/2 cup of cheese tortellini with marinara sauce (200 cal), a sugar cookie (120 cal), and a small piece of peach crisp with whipped cream (155 cal) for a total of 575 calories. And for dinner I had marinated veggies and turkey salad (150 cal) and a small plate of nachos (225 cal) plus this marshmallow candy thing (30 cal) for a total of 405 calories. Minus the 680 I worked off at the gym and it comes to 425 calories, 25 under my goal. Good day.

On a different note I haven't been reading as much of Wasted as I've been wanting to because of studying and homework. Plus I still have Going Hungry that I haven't started. Ugh hopefully I'll get around to them soon.

Ok thinspo time. It's been a few days and I know we all enjoy a little motivation. So here's the outfits-I-hope-I-look-as-good-in-as-these-girls-when-I'm-thin bunch:

Boots that hit the mid calf = unflattering on most body types, except thin.

I'm still waiting to wear the half dozen or so
knee-high socks I have in my drawers. I keep
buying them knowing that my legs look terrible in them. =/

Oh how I long for the day I can wear a
body-hugging dress and not feel fat.

A dash of Frieda Rose:

Shorts and high tops? Not so good on a short, chubby-legged girl.

Body-hugging dress and high tops? One day, one day...

Alright so there you have it, my dream closet. I hope everybody has had a good week and is ready for a great weekend!

♥ Toni

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