Wednesday, March 16, 2011


^^^It's the word of the day, since today was full of it. With yesterday's success all I could think about today was food (and more importantly how I would keep myself from eating more than 400 calories of it). I succeeded, but it was everywhere! Especially at dinner time.

I've been keeping busy with things like my last final for the quarter (which was the easiest thing I've ever taken; I finished before 90% of the class with another 2 hours left). I've also been preparing to go home and reading. But with all that I'm still surprised I kept my intake under my allowed calories for the day.

Breakfast was the usual half bagel with butter (100 cal) and a serving of cinnamon toast crunch with 3 oz of 2% (175 cal) which totaled 275 calories. Dinner was harder. Everything looked good. Chow mien, a taqueria, pizza, caramel and ice cream (or apples, or cookie, or bananas...), barbecue chicken, banana cream pudding. I could go on and on. But alas, I settled on a dark-leaf lettuce and spinach salad with veggies and 2 tbsp of ceasar dressing (105 cal) and raspberry tea. Good girl, Toni. My accumulated total for the day ended up being 380 calories, 20 under my goal. Phew.

Tomorrow I'm planning on working out in the morning to kick start my travels home. I'm riding home with Aaron and his dad and I have no idea if they're going to stop for dinner, plus if they don't I have no clue what my family intends to have for dinner, so I'm trying to be safe. 750 seems like a good number to burn. And on the topic of going home I feel like next week may see a lot of red numbers on my SGD Progression page. I'm going to have to find some way (especially on really low cal days) to avoid food until dinner. Easy enough, my parents both work most of the day and my sister will still be in school. I'm just dreading how close all the food is going to be!

Alright so that's my rant for the day. You guys will no doubt be keeping my hungers at bay for the most part this next week. I don't want to log on to tell you all I've failed for even one day!

♥ Toni

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