Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bad day...then extremely good day!

To be honest I'm kind of pissed at myself right now...but also really happy. Is that weird?

I went over on my allotted calories for the day by thismuch. I had a decent lunch, went to the gym, and ok dinner and then...1/2 of a hot dog when I went to late night with my friends. That hot dog fucked me up. I thought I had burned enough calories to be safe but I was wrong. Lunch was most of a fish slider with 1/2 tbsp of tartar sauce (200 cal), 3 bites of cooked green beans (15 cal), 3/4 of a cup of plain tuna with 4 saltine crackers (130 cal), 1 orange (60 cal), and 15 small french fries (90 cal) for a total of 495 calories. I then went to the gym and burned off 770 calories and had dinner around five-ish. I had a half cup of zucchini (20 cal), 1 oz of turkey no skin (40 cal), five pieces of California roll with soy sauce and ginger (115 cal), 1/2 cup of mashed sweet potatoes (75 cal) a few bites of "dessert pizza" (50 cal), a piece of chocolate (45 cal) and a super tiny piece of apple pie (185 cal). Then count in that damn half a hot dog for 75 calories and you get for a total of 605 calories. Add in gym and it comes to a grand total of 330 calories. Damn. I really wanted to be at or under today's goal. It just means I'll have to eat 20 calories less tomorrow. It's doable.

But enough about that, I'm really excited for next quarter! I just finalized my spring quarter schedule and it's looking pretty good right now. I'm signed up for a movie music class (that I'm taking with my roommates and my really good friend Liz), a literary interpretation class (that I'm taking with my best friend), a computer game design course (that I'm taking with my boyfriend), a modern dance class (I miss dancing so much), and hopefully I'll get into the university wind ensemble (you have to try out to get in). Did I ever tell you guys I danced and played music? Well if I did I'm gonna say it again. ^_^ I was on my high school's dance team for three years and really loved it. I lived it day to day but I haven't danced in a year since we got done with nationals last April. =/ I also played clarinet from 5th grade to 12th grade and I'm eager to see if I still have my chops.

I'm so excited for the weeks to come! I hope all of you are feeling as great as I am. If not I hope I'm getting my positive energy out there for you all.

♥ Toni

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  1. omg I want to take modern dance! Your classes sound amazing, do you go to a music school? I wish city college had fantastic classes like that. Sending you skinnies darling girl xo