Friday, March 11, 2011

Before Gym

Alright this one's gotta be quick because I'm off to the gym soon.

First off thank you all who have been wishing me well with school and dieting and such, it means a lot. =)
And welcome to my new followers! =)

Last night I kept under my goal of 500. For lunch I had a bowl of vegan chili (55 cal), a medium banana (90 cal), and a serving of frosted flakes with 2% milk (170 cal) for a total of 315 calories. For dinner I had 1.5 oz of flank steak (80 cal), 3/4 cup of cooked zucchini (40 cal) and a medium salad with 1 tbsp of cesar dressing (40 cal) for a dinner total of 160 calories and a grand total of 475 calories.

I also finished up my essay and turned it in last night in my discussion. Afterwards I went back to the dorms and some of my friends and I watched Never Let Me Go. Such a sad made a lot of us (myself included!) cry. If you're into the whole love/melodrama/cloned-humans-who-live-to-donate-organs films then this one is perfect for you. It stars Carrey Mulligan, Keira Knightly, and Andrew Garfield (new Spider Man!).

Alright besides that not much went on last night. Oh! Except I made a trip to Safeway to buy some snacks for finals week. I spent ages trying to find things that looked tasty but were low-cal. It's was insanely hard for me. I ended up getting an 8-pack of Laughing Cow cheese triangles (35 calories/serving), 2 bags of mini cheese rice cakes (70 calories/9 cakes), a package of bagel crisps (130 calories/6 crisps), and Risens (approx 40 cal/piece). Not bad if I don't say so myself.

Ok gotta head off and do some cardio! I'll be back later.

♥ Toni


  1. Wait a second . . . vegan chili for 55 calories?! Care to share the recipe? :D

    Have a good evening. <3

  2. uh I'm with Emma. Share that shit please. Loves, and sending skinnies! Good job on the snacks too