Monday, March 7, 2011

Quick Update

This post is going to be minimal. Just wanted to talk briefly about a few things:

I'm at 20 followers! Logging on and seeing that people are actually reading this thing never fails to lift my spirits. Thank you all. ^_^

And I wanted to let you all know I added a few tabs. The first one is the standard Home tab, and I created a second for SGD Progression since I'm starting the SGD today. A lot of girls are doing it and I'm seeing some great results and I really want to get to 127 lbs before spring break (and hopefully my UGW by my birthday in 3 months). I'll still be laying out my calorie consumption in my regular posts but I'll be keeping my calorie-counting all in one place from now on plus my weigh-ins at the gym.

Wish me luck!

♥ Toni

P.S. - Olivia: I'm writing my essay on the 1978 Phillip Kaufman version. It's on Netflix Instant Play so it's easy for me to watch over and over again. Plus I love Jeff Goldblum. The Fly = insanely amazing.

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