Saturday, March 12, 2011

Homework, Movies, Books...Typical Saturday

So my roommate's having kind of a mini meltdown about this afterparty she's going to. She feels fat because she's on her period and some of her friends and I have been trying to get her into various outfits with no luck. At this point she's gone through maybe 6 or 7 different outfits. Sweaters, jeans, dresses, leggings, heels, flats. She's decided on dark blue jeans and an Adidas hoodie. I'm expecting her to change one or two more times. Just something interesting I thought I'd share.

My day has been uneventful for the most part. I woke up around 11:30 and had barely anything for breakfast before starting on some homework. Then around 5 I headed off for another film shoot, the one my RA is the director of. I did some audio but for the most part I wasn't needed and got to curl up with Wasted. Then around 8 I ate dinner with Aaron and came back here. Typical day. Tomorrow I'm pretty sure I'll be going to the gym.

So breakfast today consisted of 5 mini cheddar rice cakes (40 cal) and a wedge of swiss cheese with 3 bagel crisps (100 cal) for a total of 140 calories. I have no clue how that tied me over from noon until 8:30, but it did (although I did start to get hunger growls and pangs). Dinner was a cup of spaghetti with 1/4 cup tomato sauce (215 cal), a half piece of garlic bread (85 cal), 10 carrot sticks with mustard (I thought I'd try it; I'll stick to just the plain carrots - 35 cal), and a frozen yogurt swirl of strawberry and orange in a sugar cone (140 cal) for a dinner total of 475 calories and a grand total of 615 calories, 35 under my goal for today. Huzzah!

So I was thinking about my mom earlier today. We're almost exactly the same height (I'm maybe 1/2 inch taller than her) but I know I'm much bigger than she was when she was 18. I've seen pictures and was very petite, nit just in height but in weight as well, so I asked her what she weighed when she was my age. 98 lbs! She was tiny. In comparison I'm 33 lbs. heavier than her when she was my age. Sigh... Trust me though, she eats, and she ate back then, she just had a super fast metabolism. After having two kids though...well let's just say she weighs more than I did at my highest. She's trying to get her weight down though, and good for her for wanting to. If I used to be as thin as she was I'd want to be thinner too. But if she was that small I know I can definitely get down to my UGW, and maybe even a little less. We can all do it!

I believe in you all,
♥ Toni

P.S. - Thank you for the comments on my late-night ramble. It's comforting to know I'm not alone in some of my self-reflecting craziness.


  1. I was looking at a picture of my mom when she was my age the other day as well. Yep, skinnier than me.

    We'll get there. <3

  2. Yeah seriously, what is with all the moms being tiny? Mine was about 120(5'5"), but she looks like a little girl. I've never weighed that little. Maybe it was a skinnier generation? Sending you skinnies darling girl!