Saturday, March 26, 2011


So I ended up surrendering during the middle of the day when I went over to Aaron's and took a nap. I was just too tired after getting so little (erm, I mean NO) sleep. So today I stopped by CVS and picked up a 120 tablet bottle of 3mg Melatonin. Almost all the reviews were positive in its claim to help regulate sleep, so I will definitely be using these during the nights before my 8 am classes. Also, I decided to get some caffeine pills from ProLab on Amazon. $10 for a 100 tablets of 200mg caffeine. Not a bad deal, plus out of the 26 reviews only 2 were negative due to the fact that the reviewers built up an immunity to the dosage. I'm really excited. I think they'll really help on days where I need an extra pick me up (like study or exercise days) and I won't have to drink coffee.

So as for this morning's outing, the purpose it was created for was kind of a bust. I did go out for my anniversary, but I also wanted to catch up with the friends I haven't seen since December. Well...none of them came, so it was just me, Aaron, and Jenna. =/
The food wasn't even that great. I ordered a chocolate milkshake (didn't drink it all), a side salad (ate 3/4 of it), and a chicken cesar sandwich (ate less than half of it). I seems like I didn't eat a whole lot, but I was so full! I guess it was all the milkshake because I didn't have much food at all. Then we all went to see Battle: LA. I think it was pretty good. The scenes with a desecrated Los Angeles were beautifully done, and despite the acting being a little cliche it was a rather enjoyable movie.

Dinner was fantastic: tri tip, potato salad, asparagus, steamed veggies, cheesy bread, and for dessert a cherry crumble. I'm currently stuffed. Even though it's very uncomfortable, I'm going to have to cherish it because for the next few months I'm going to try to steer as clear as I can from feeling this full. Getting back to my goals is my top priority, and with my pills and added dance class(es? I'm going to try to get into a second one) I don't think I can fail very easily. Ooooo I'm so freaking ready! Can't wait to be back.

♥ Toni

P.S.-WhiteSkinnyAngel, you make a good point. I definitely think I'll cut back on talking to my cat around my parents from now on haha.

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  1. hmmm I may have to invest in a bottle of meletonin. I have no idea why but the last month or so I have so much trouble falling and staying asleep.

    Good luck with reaching your goal weight & with your second dance class!

    ~ H